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zombie cupcakes for halloween


How freaking adorable are these mini cupcakes? I got inspired while eating trail mix last week and suddenly realized walnuts look a lot like brains. Zombies like brains…carrot cake goes with walnuts…and BOOM. Here we are. They turned out so damn cute!

This treat is 100% perfect for Halloween. For extra fun serve the zombie cupcakes with “blood” trails created by red food coloring! Don’t forget to educate your guests because while a traditional walker can only be killed by brain bashing a cupcake zombie only dies when it is eaten. :)

You Will Need: 
Mini carrot cake cupcakes
Cream cheese Frosting
Cream cheese frosting dyed green
Brown jumbo M&Ms
Brown mini M&Ms
Whole walnuts
Red sprinkles
Pastry bag
No. 2 tip

halloween cupcakes

Zombies: Start by frosting a cupcake with the green cream cheese frosting. I didn’t ice the entire top of the cupcake but left a thin border of cake around the edges to make my zombie look more cartoon-y and round.

I got this shade of green by mixing green, neon green, yellow, blue, and purple food coloring until I got “Living Dead Green”. Which is what I named it. :)

halloween treats for kids

Now add a big M&M and a mini M&M for the eyes. I like placing the big M&M right on the border of the green frosting and the exposed cake to make my zombie look crazy and unbalanced.

halloween treats kids can make

Next fill the cake decorating bag with the white cream cheese frosting and add a No. 2 tip. Pipe 2-3 “teeth” of different lengths on your zombie. White tic-tacs can easily be substituted here if you’re short on time but I thought mint with carrot cake would be a weird combination.

zombie party food

Brains: Start by frosting a cupcake with the uncolored cream cheese frosting. I left a border of bare cake between the icing and the cupcake wrapper because I thought it looked better and drew more attention to the walnut brains.

zombie themed desserts

Sprinkle on the red sugar a.k.a drops of blood!

spooky treats

Add a whole walnut on top. You might have to pick through the bag a little because I found some whole walnuts look much more like brains than others.

zombie party food

zombie brains food


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