photographing a bride and groom

Last week I shot my first wedding! I have done one before as a second shooter but all I took was detail and guest shots while the first shooter took gulps of vodka from a bottle in her backpack (not even kidding) so I don’t really think that one really counts.

This wedding involved no vodka (thank goodness), two dear friends of mine, homemade craftiness, and lots of whimsical woodland charm. Of course, this left me with no choice but to use a local wooden bridge as the background for their photos. :)

how to photograph a bride

This is one of my favorites. It shows off the ring, the flower crown, and Sarah’s stunning natural beauty. If I could go back I might close the aperture a little to make her face more in focus but that’s it.

There are some stray hairs others might Photoshop out but I like the detail. To me it hints at summer, excitement, and a love for rustic things which really fit the theme of their wedding.

groom photograpy

A variation on one of my favorite poses for guys. Turning the head to the side highlights Tyler’s jawline and adds a subtle masculine touch which is perfect for solo groom shots.

I generally try this out at the start of the shoot because unlike us girls, guys usually aren’t comfortable in front of a camera. Many of them view photo shoots as a trial which their significant female (mom, wife…you know) forces them through. Now add to that equation being in new/uncomfortable clothes or just getting married and you’ve got an understandably nervous person on your hands.

Some men love the camera but your average guy is going to be a little nervous making this is a good “trick” to have up your sleeve. When he’s expecting to grin into the lens and instead you ask him to look away I swear you’ll see him visibly relax.

posing a bride and groom for photos

This super cute pose was actually Sarah’s idea! I like how it shows off her outfit but in a non-obtrusive, part of the story, kind of way.

As I was editing all the photos from the wedding I realized that I have a tendency to crop out feet by leaving too much room at the top of the shot. Obviously, this picture is a prime example and a good note to self about how I can improve my skill set. Some photographers outsource their editing but I never understood that. I learn so much from editing my own. :)

wedding gown photography
Before the wedding the bride got ready in the bottom of a church basement while the groom greeted guests on the first floor. I planned on doing dress shots then but since there was no first look there was no way to get to a different location. In terms of lighting the basement was a dungeon and every wall was painted with pictures of little kids. I definitely considered panicking.

I could have tried really hard to get a few mediocre shots but I took a risk and decided to hold off on dress shots until we were outside for the B&G session. I was absolutely stressing out until then but it worked out. Thank goodness!

wedding photograpy for beginners

While reading some photography magazine/book/blog I remember once coming across a photographer who described her method as “One for me, one for thee”. This shot definitely falls under the “One for me” category. It’s dark, yes, but I love how their happy expressions meld with the interesting light play.

how to shoot a bride

One more of my gorgeous friend. Is she even wearing any make-up???

wedding photograpy tips

Too adorable. I think this one would be perfect to send out as a thank you note.

You may have noticed how conscious I was of the bridge railing behind the couple through out the shoot. When you shoot in front of any background with straight lines it can be become a boon for focal lines or a pain because slightly tilted camera angles will be painfully evident. I had to tilt crop almost every one of these in Photoshop.

bride and groom posing

Congratulations, you two! Love you both so much. :)


  1. Damaris / The cat, you and us, June 11, 2014 at 8:10 am:

    So sweet! Very cute couple and pics :) Sarah’s dress is so beautiful and love the mint ballerinas touch. btw, lol at the vodka comment from your first wedding experience.

    • Mollie, June 11, 2014 at 11:23 am:

      Thanks, Damaris! And yes…true story. It was interesting. ;)

  2. Shannon of Happiness Is, June 13, 2014 at 2:57 pm:

    Mollie! Bravo! I’m so proud of you! Your first wedding is HUGE deal and these shots are so incredibly gorgeous! I love the final image of them kissing. Such a sweet couple they are. You captured their personalities and love perfectly. xo

  3. Shannon, June 15, 2014 at 5:27 pm:

    Amazing pictures Mollie :). I am so jealous of you many creative sides. Xo

    • Mollie, June 28, 2014 at 8:00 pm:

      Thank you Shannon! I’ve still got lots to learn though. :)

  4. Connie, June 23, 2014 at 1:46 pm:

    Definitely did them justice :) These are gorgeous!

    • Mollie, June 28, 2014 at 7:57 pm:

      Thank you, Maam! They sure a cute couple. :)

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