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your love is, your love is strong jon foreman

This line comes from a favorite Jon Foreman song that had been stuck in my head all day so I stuck it on paper. As I drew I was imagining a perfect heart, strong not because of it’s size but because of it’s ability to relentlessly love the beautiful and the ugly. So I made the heart tiny but had it’s repercussions spill off the page. (Black gel pen and orange ink pen)

pen and ink penguin drawing

I forget exactly what day I drew this but it was either on a holiday or one of my sibling’s birthdays and I was feeling especially sad that I wasn’t there to celebrate with them. My inspiration came from this baby penguin in the Chipmunks Great Adventure (don’t judge, it’s a great movie) who was separated from it’s family. (Black ink pen)


Since I occasionally song write myself I like to analyze other songs in order to learn from them but sometimes it seems like a lot of songs are pretty identical. Same rhymes, same chord progressions, same vocabulary, etc. The phrase “Sing a new song” struck me as a kind of permission slip to write songs with big words or accidentals or about unusual subjects. I started doodling with that in mind and this is what came out. (Black gel pen and pencil)


  1. Ali, August 22, 2013 at 8:44 am:

    Music is one of the best inspirations, so I adore these! Keep on drawin’!

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