I was flipping through my sketch book the other day when I realized that it would be fun to share some of my little drawings on the blog. I always claim that this is my place to blow off creative steam so why not? I think I’ll begin doing this regularly so for now my plan is to take a picture of the drawing + what I used to create it and then talk a little about the inspiration. Enjoy!

rhymes with orange illustration

Let’s see…I’m going to say the inspiration for this one came from my intense love and skills in spelling. ;)

Would you believe I’ve looked at this drawing at LEAST ten times but it took staring at it through a camera lens to make me realize I had misspelled something? Geesh, if only real life had a spell check.


I love this little guy! One night I dreamed that I was sitting in the back of a jeep and for whatever reason a huge, red eyed,  gold caterpillar thingee was chasing me and the driver. In it’s mouth it carried a giant gold egg that was covered in hexagon plates and all the cracks glowed green. (Think Cybug eggs from Wreck it Ralph).

I’m sure that sounds really bizarre but it was actually kind of cool so when I woke up I tried describing it to my hubby. Since it was six in the morning and he was barely awake words alone weren’t cutting it so I drew this picture to explain.


There’s kind of a silly story behind this one. I had flipped on the radio and caught part a financial talk show where the host was advising everyone to buy stocks and real estate in order to “increase your value”. That made me wonder if the same phrase could be applied to a human, as a person instead of just in the financial sense.

I decided that yes, it could if “increasing your value” meant learning a new skill, mastering a new language, practicing kindness, or really anything that makes someone more useful to society or a better person. All this made me then think that I would like to be a person who was always learning and growing and in that way constantly “increasing my value”.

This phrase popped into mind as better way to describe that thought and I really liked it so I drew it.


  1. Jenna, July 18, 2013 at 8:44 am:

    I love that orange sketch! :) I used to sketch so much more but I haven’t in the past two years. This makes me want to start drawing again. :)

  2. Josie, July 24, 2013 at 11:06 am:

    Ah! That orange sketch is so adorable! And don’t worry about the misspell – it happens to me all the time with stuff that is like “DUH! I totally know how to spell that, what is wrong with me?”. Real life spell check = needs to happen

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