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Christmas is over, it’s freezing cold out, and I want to think about summer! Especially summer parties.:)

My little sis Corrie turned sixteen this summer and in our family, well, we like to go ALL out for 16th birthdays. My parents had some fun plans but us older sisters also wanted to throw a special party for our littlest sister!

Anissa, Kellie, and I all got together about a month before the big day to start planning the event. Activities, food, location…we had so many decisions to make! We knew we wanted it to be Disney themed (we are massive Disney addicts) and super fun but inexpensive. The guest list included our huge extended family so we also needed to make sure the party would appeal to all ages. Quite the tall order, no?

 Thankfully we had each other to lean on! In the end we decided to host the party at my house and for the menu we picked a simple brunch. For activities Kellie, Anissa, and I had a blast brainstorming up the different Disney themed “stations” we could make! Here are the activities that made the final cut:

disney themed 16th birthday party

disney kids party

Lilo’s Photo Booth
Corrie had specifically requested a photo booth so we knew from the start we’d be making one. In Lilo and Stitch the little girl is always taking photos so it seemed only right to name the photo booth after her!

To make the booth I hung up a colorful table cloth, a string of lights, and then framed the set with my two very tropical looking Cat Palms. To make the sign I cut letters out of construction paper (going off the movie cover to get the font right) and used wall putty to attach seashells for a beachy touch. We all rummaged around our houses to find silly photo props to bring to the party.

Giant disney party ideas

The 100 30 Acre Woods
Yep, a total cheater idea but it works. :D Andrew and I are lucky enough live near a forest and I knew all the guests would want to enjoy the sunshine at some point so this was another “activity” we snuck in. Thanks for the inspiration, Pooh Bear!

rapunzel birthday party ideas


Rapunzel’s Art Corner
Hey, Rapunzel likes to paint and draw, right? Boom! Rapunzel’s Art Corner was born. Anissa printed off Disney themed coloring sheets online and then all we needed was a coffee table and crayons. Super simple but super fun.

I think this was the activity booth our guests used the most!

Belle reading nook

belle party birthday ideas

Belle’s Reading Nook
This was one of my favorites! Kellie and Anissa loaded up on Disney themed books from the local library while I set-up a cozy reading nook to attract book worms. AH-dorable.

pocohontas disney ideas
Pocahontas’s Campsite
We totally weren’t expecting this but one of our aunts pitched in and whipped up a cardboard teepee, canoe, and oars for a wilderness play station. She somehow even managed to find a stuffed Meeko! We were thrilled!

disney themed brunch

disney themed birthday party

Mary Poppin’s Make-A-Kite Station
The last party activity we decided on was this Mary Poppins Make-A-Kite room. I remembered my mom making kites for me when I was little out of garbage bags and dowel rods so I thought this would be an amazing party activity. (Not to mention killer party favor!)

However, reality kicked in and after trying for over an hour to make my hilarious DIY garbage bag and dowel rod kite fly (I’m not the best engineer) I realized this probably wasn’t a great activity for large groups. So I rushed out and bought pre-made kites guests could assemble in like 30 seconds.

Keep it simple, right?

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Food wise we served the usual brunch fare (eggs, muffins, fruit) along with this cute drink station. I’m not a big Sunny-D drinker but the birthday girl requested it so hey, she gets whatever she wants.

For the birthday cake Anissa created these darling Monster Inc inspired cupcakes!

monsters Inc cupcakes

As part of the birthday fun we asked all our guests to dress up as their favorite Disney characters. This meant we got to meet all kinds of cool Disney peeps like…

host a disney party ideas

Tinkerbell, Prince Charming, Cinderella…


Anita (Anissa!) and Roger from 101 Dalmatians

disney themed easy costumes
Nani from Lilo & Stitch and Pocahontas…

piglet baby costume DIY easy

…the CUTEST little Piglet…

Disney costume party ideas

… and me as the Ariel and Corrie the birthday girl as Jane from Tarzan. (Don’t you love her modern take on Jane’s victorian yellow dress?)


What a fun day! Seeing as that event was roughly 6 months ago my little sister is now sixteen and a half which is just crazy to think of. Talk about feeling old… Hmm, on the plus side I guess that means us older sisters have a full six more months to plan Corrie’s 17th birthday party!


  1. M0m, December 31, 2016 at 4:17 pm:

    I didn’t know you were planning a 17th bday party for Corrie. She will probably hold you to that. Hopefully she will be able to come up this summer. Love the pictures.

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