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cute containers for DIY make up

cute jars for home made make up

diy makeup containers

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before but I’ve been slowly trying to wean myself off industrial cosmetics. If you’ve ever tried you know it’s remarkably hard! While I notice zero difference between my homemade products and the store bought stuff guess what I do miss? All that super cute packaging! Oh my gosh, it kills me!

I’m not a make-up addict but I love browsing Sephora to check out all the beautiful graphics and fun product design. Then I go home and the unadorned jars I put my DIY products in just look so dull in comparison. Thankfully a simple Sharpie marker can make all the difference!

It may not seem like a big deal but dude. Knowing exactly what I’m putting on my body, knowing it is 100% safe, sending less waste to landfills, saving money, and enjoying the delight of using a beautiful container is a big win for the modern lady. DIY make-up all the way!

You Will Need: 
Glass make-up jar with white lid (I used these)
Sharpie Ultra Fine Point marker


The instructions are pretty obvious (draw on lid with marker) so instead I’ll show you how I did one of the lid designs! You can always come up with your own or Google “simple sharpie line art” if you want more ideas.


Begin my drawing different sized dots on the lid at random.


Connect the dots trying to make as many triangles as possible.


Look at you! So artsy:)

sustainable make up containers


what to store DIY make up in

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, January 22, 2017
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