Cinco De Mayo is on it’s way and I plan on celebrating with a few of these deliciously playful “margaritas”!

I’m all about wine and Andrew loves whiskey but what we like even more than booze is SALSA. It’s just the two of us and we still go through about one jar a week along with 1-2 bags of chips. We love it! It’s healthy, super fast, and tastes amazing. The only thing that makes it taste even more amazing is when it’s served like a fancy cocktail.

The best part about this cute little snack is how creative you can be with garnishes! Layer salsas? Do it. Avocado slices with a drizzle of hot sauce? Give it a go. Plus with the option of green, red, orange, or yellow salsa you’ve got all the ingredients for a bright and colorful party treat.

You Will Need:
Margarita glasses
Cherry Tomatoes
Shredded cheese
Tortilla chips

Start by running a lime wedge around the rim of a margarita glass and then dip the rim in salt. (This is totally optional if you’re watching your salt intake but it does add a fun touch.)

Now carefully spoon salsa into your margarita glass.

Garnish as you like!

I don’t know your plans for the 5th but I ‘m curling up with a few of these while watching my favorite Youtube soap, Reina De Corazon! It’s the funniest Spanish soap opera with evil step sisters, spies, lots of amnesia, and a really catchy theme song. (10/10 recommend!) I watch it while trying to teach myself Spanish but sometimes I cheat with English subtitles.

What are your plans for Cinco De Mayo?

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, May 2, 2017
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