Oh boy, a chance for me to talk about rocks! I am such a big rock nut that Andrew gave me his childhood rock collection as a gift last Valentine’s Day.

Calcite is one of my favorite rocks, well, obviously since I made an entire valentine around it! It’s a beautiful stone that catches light in the softest way and comes in a rainbow of colors. It’s also cheap! I bought these pretty pink calcite chunks for 25 cents a piece at Oracle which is Kansas City’s “natural history and fine curiosity shop”. (For those of you who don’t live in KC calcite is easy to find online.)

While I’ve yet to find any science behind the emotional/physical/spiritual effects of rocks I have heard calcite is a learning aide, stress reducer, and fear buster. How’s that for a great valentine?

You Will Need: 
Black marker
Patterned washi tape
Gold washi tape
Pink calcite chunks

Let’s start off by cutting out a yellow heart. (Yes, those are kitchen shears but we are in the process of moving and I couldn’t find my regular scissors!)

Trim your heart with some pretty patterned washi tape. The tape will get kinda crinkly around the curves but I think the added texture looks cool.

Write your message. I played around with fonts/cursive/print until I got something I liked.

Finally use the gold washi tape to tape a beautiful piece of calcite to the valentine. All done!

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, February 8, 2017
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