My name is….
My sign is…
My number is…

This song has been stuck in my head all summer – I love it! That Meghan Trainor sure knows a thing or two about defining her space.

Unfortunately, people pleasers like me still have a lot to work on. Saying “no” in any form can be soooo uncomfortable even though it’s totally necessary if you don’t want to go crazy. Especially now that fall is here + school has started again and we are all getting requests to bring/start/support/buy/join things. There’s just no way one person could do it all!

 This pretty necklace is a small but powerful reminder to honor our boundaries. :)


You will need:
Silver colored alphabet pendants
Silver colored  16″  necklace chain


Just string on an “N” and an “O” and you are finished!

This is a great necklace to wear when you are feeling stretched, burned out, or depleted. Or for those days when you are tired of everyone else and want to be alone to recharge. Or for those days when you are just feeling stubborn. :)



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, October 10, 2016
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