dumpster dive interior design

Hey friend! Welcome to my living room! This is a project Andrew and I have been working on for over a year and we love the way it’s turned out. It’s full of Craigslist finds, Ikea furniture, and even some Restoration Hardware pieces as well as little curios we’ve picked up along the way on our travels.

First though a before and after!

interior design using craigslist

interior design on the cheap

Quite the change, right?

Now I didn’t hate the original yellowy taupe wall color but oh my GOSH walking around in it made me feel like I was living in a loaf of bread. I couldn’t breathe.

The first thing I did after moving was slap on a beautiful coat of soft white to bring out all the glorious natural light in the room. I picked Bistro White by Valspar which is one of my all time favorite wall colors EVER.

craigslist interior design

It’s funny because while I crave asymmetry in everything else I HATE it in interior design. Can’t stand it. You will find symmetry galore in my house. (If those symmetrically hung photos look familiar you might recognize them from this photo painting DIY)

Both gray couches are Ikea Ecktorpts while the two metal and wood shelves are from RH. I decorated the upper shelves with games and natural curios while the lower shelves made a great storage spot for the yellow poufs.

The poufs can be pulled out as foot rests or extra seating and I love the bright pop they add to the room!

second hand interior design

Yes, that is a skull. Andrew found out in the forest and we think it’s from an opossum. Maybe it’s because I’m a nurse but I think bones are SO beautiful. What a marriage of engineering and design! Every dip, facet and bump has a name and purpose.

The white and green ornaments are the results of a glass blowing class we took in Chattanooga, TN. (Thanks, Groupon!) Every time I see them I remember that delightful birthday trip together.

interior design with garage sale finds

We ordered this bookshelf off Overstock.com and to be honest the quality isn’t great. One of the cons of ordering furniture on-line I guess?

I feel sheepish letting you see me use a sewing machine as a decoration. Sewing is one of those skills I keep meaning to learn but never get around to. Maybe this year!

designing an education home

The woven floor rug came from Lowes which I 10/10 do not recommend because it had FLEAS! We had to bug bomb the whole house! I was traumatized. Now that it’s bug freeI do appreciate the texture it adds to the space.

That solid wooden coffee table was a magical find at a real estate sale for only $100. When it comes to finding affordable buy-it-for-life furniture we’ve had amazing luck at estate sales. You should definitely check them out when you’re furniture shopping.

decorating with plants

The papasan chair is a black hole for humans. I love inviting people over and watching them unconsciously gravitate towards this corner. It’s so cozy!

The papasan frame came from Pier One but I went to World Market for a cushion because I liked their color selection better. It’s technically a made-for-the-outdoors piece of furniture but it’s my house so I do what I want. :)

Oh, and please notice the foot stool. I’m embarrassingly proud of it because it was such a steal. I found it at a thrift store for only $9!

garage sale interior design

To keep weaving an earthy vibe I covered the dirt in my Cat Palms with seashells. Such a small touch but it adds the freshest feeling to the room. Plus my cute nieces love digging through all the pretty shells when they come to visit.

sustainable interior design

interior design with second hand items

 Thanks for taking a look! How would you describe your interior design style?

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, February 1, 2017
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