It’s halfway through November and I feel like I’ve been living a mile a minute…but not in a bad way. There is a difference between overwhelmed busy and doing-exactly-what-you’re-supposed-to-be-doing busy. I haven’t always succeeded at honoring that bit of wisdom but this month I have done a good job of respecting my limits and it’s made ALL the difference in my moods and creativity. Which is nice.

What’s new:
We officially have chickens now! No eggs yet but we’re hopeful we might see some before the weather turns icy. If not we’ll probably have to wait for spring before we can start cooking up any “homemade” scrambled eggs.

We prefer to have the birds free range but we were nervous about Atlas being around such delicious walking lunches. As you can see, he is quite curious about them but amazingly he hasn’t attacked or even bothered a single chicken. Fingers crossed this peace treaty isn’t temporary…

A rented wet suit for scuba lessons in October. Living in the midwest means there are no oceans so we had to do our open water dive in a random fresh water lake. It was soooo cold and dirty! Totally worth it in the end but I don’t think I’ll ever get the taste of that lake water out of my mouth.

How to water color. The last pic is from a fun day when I had Mom and Corrie over and we all gave it a try. I don’t know why but oh my goodness I love how messy watercolor paint is. Of course, I say that as a beginner who has no idea what she is doing but it is so very free spirited, mistake prone and hard to control. You have to work with the paint not the other way around.

These two. So damn cute!

For fall. I might do a little decorating for each holiday but usually I just stick to the four seasons. SO much simpler and you can pull more from nature which I like because it means I don’t have store everything in my attic. The crab apples and turkey feather were 100% free because I found them walking around in the woods. The grapevine wreath came from a thrift store (weird) and the pumpkins came from the farmers market. Simple simple simple.

Time together. Now that I say that it doesn’t really look like we are spending time together here but “working on projects” is one of our absolute favorite things to do together. He reads while I blog or he codes while I doodle…it’s our thing.


What have you been up to? Tried anything new lately?


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, November 18, 2016
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