what to eat to live longer

Eating real food again! I picked up some kind of bug from the hospital (thankssss work) and was sick for 4-5 days which is just infinity when you don’t feel good. Thankfully I’m feeling much better now and have my appetite back. Bring on the carbs!

white german shepherd

The snow. Thankfully we don’t get too much of it in Kansas City but it does come for a visit now and then. Andrew and Atlas go crazy for snow but you will find me inside under covers. Brr!

monument valley review game

monument valley game awesome

monument valley emotion

Monument Valley. I got hooked big time while I was sick. Have you tried it before? Not a new game but I finally got around to playing it this month and wow, was I impressed. Yes, another puzzle game but this one is deeply emotive and creative with the most vivid color palettes. The music and sound design are SO good too!

colorado for couples

Beautiful Colorado! This year we celebrated Christmas by going snowboarding with some friends in Denver. Well, Andrew went snowboarding. I got scared. I’ve gone snowboarding before and really enjoyed it but never on a “real” mountain so I guess I got freaked out? Don’t know why but I’ve been feeling extra cautious this month.


How was your December? Any big plans for 2017?

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, December 31, 2016
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