Happy 4th of July, guys! What are your plans this year? Andrew is off mountain climbing in Colorado but my teen brother is in town so he and I have been running all around Kansas City enjoying the festivities. Swimming, rock climbing, exploring, it’s been busy! He is actually snoring in my papasan chair right now as I write this. Cute little guy. :)

Anyways, for the actual 4th of July Chris and I will be heading to my aunts house for a day of family fun. I love bringing themed food to get-togethers but every holiday I get a little frustrated by how many cute dessert options there are compared to cute healthy food options. It’s a celebration so it’s fine to indulge but do I really need to feed my family multiple plates of fat and sugar laden machine-made food? Yikes.

This treat is a fun but tasty alternative. Give it a go and tell me what your family thinks!

Ice cream cones
Peach yogurt
Green gel food coloring
Vodka (or water)

Add a few drops of gel food coloring to a bowl and mix in a few drops of vodka.

If using vodka feels scary you can use water instead but alcohol dries much faster preventing soggy cones. If it makes you feel better I tried a dried cone after painting it with the alcohol/dye mixture and it tasted just like a regular ice cream cone!

Let the cone dry completely. You can speed things up with a hair dryer if you want.

While the cone dries go ahead and start cutting up the fruit. Try to make the fruit slices as pointy as possible to mimic flames.

Once the cone is 100% dry gently spoon in the peach yogurt. Too much yogurt and the fruit will cause it to spill over, too little and you won’t be able to see the fruit properly. The cone in this picture has the perfect amount.

Now start adding in the fruit flames!

There you go. A super adorable and human friendly 4th of July treat!


  1. Mom, July 4, 2017 at 8:58 am:

    Very cute idea, Mollie. Chris snoring sounds ,”Oh, so familiar.” Glad you could experience it.

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, July 2, 2017
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