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You know when I bring out the crayon fireworks something really big happened. :)

As you know, I have posted several times (here +here) about my journey towards self publishing a children’s book and I’m so proud/happy/grateful/nervous to say it is finally finished.

Here is just a tiny teaser:

“Once upon a time, there was a tall, tall tree with branches so high no one could ever reach them. 

The only thing longer than the tree’s trunk were its roots which dug deep into the earth all year long and soaked up the history, footsteps, and news of what others were doing in the world. By autumn, the tree would grow tired of holding in everything it knew and its leaves would fall to the earth, ripe and full of stories. 

Next to the tree lived a father and his son. This is their story.”

how to self publish a children's book

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The Story Tree Book began as a made up story I was telling my siblings one day and then totally forgot about. Two years ago I got bit by the idea to self publish a kid’s book but originally had a totally different story line and concept. (It involved permaculture, corn, and a worm…it was weird.) I told my little sister, Kellie who basically said, “Hmm, that sounds great but why don’t you do the one about the story tree?”

BOOM. Light bulb moment. I wrote the final story in 1-2 weeks, contacted an artist student friend of mine, drew up an illustration contract, and the ball was rolling.

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self publish a children's coloring book

One thing I think makes this book super duper special is how you can color in it! I wanted to write a book that was interactive and welcomed the input and creativity of the readers instead of only displaying that of the author. As someone who is obsessed with color I get a big kick out of sharing those artistic decisions (What color should his shirt be? What color is her hair?) with my readers.

 As I’ve given these out to friends and family one thing I’ve been surprised by is how often parents say, “Oh, I could never let her/him color in it, they would ruin it”. I usually reply by telling them they are missing out on the most fun factor of the whole book!

Besides for the obvious treat of scribbling in something as forbidden as a story book there is also the pure enjoyment of doodling and building your imagination off another’s framework – kind of like a writing prompt! Coloring in the Story Tree lets each reader be a part the story, add their own input, and make the book their own.

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styling a photography shoot

If you’d like a copy you can go visit the gorgeous website my hubby made me just for the book at (Did he do an amazing job or what? It perfectly fits the vibe of the book!)

Or if you’re in a hurry can go straight to Amazon and purchase a copy at

Either way the cost is $9.99 and in case you were wondering yes, they do make wonderfully unique Christmas presents for both littles and not-so-littles!

Of course, there is one last way you can get a copy and that is by entering for the give-away! Message me your favorite color at and I’ll announce the lucky winner in a week or two.

P.s. Stay tuned for a post detailing how I designed + styled a set, found child + adult models, and organized + photographed all the Story Tree shoot photos I shared in this post!

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