honey comb themed hair salon

Another business idea! As you can tell my favorites are the themed ones.

Today my concept is a 100% natural and organic hair salon called The Honeycomb. This is my super rough first draft for the logo but now that I’m taking a second look it actually gives off more of a cutesy vibe than healthy/natural one. That will have to change but I’m keeping the whole “comb” thing. It’s fun. :)

natural hair salon

Services would include cutting, styling, and dying hair. Maybe perming but I’m not sure if there’s a way to do that naturally…do you know? (Actually, do people still perm their hair? I haven’t heard anyone mention it in a long time.) The dyes would include environmentally friendly ingredients like henna, lemon juice, and chamomile. Eyebrow threading would be offered as well as various hair masks for volume, shine, enhancing different hair colors, etc. The trademark would be our Healthy Hair Honey Mask because it is the Honeycomb salon after all. :)

On top of these my salon would offer basic classes on hair science, hair care, and even simple hair cutting. The last one might seem silly, like why put yourself out of business, but I disagree. There would be a charge to the classes, you can’t professionally cut hair without a license, and just because someone learns to cut hair doesn’t mean they will be good at it. Speaking from personal experience here on that last one. =P

themed hair salon ideas

Decorating this place would be a dream! I adore what this cool coffee shop did using hexagonal tiles and I’d love to do something similar. Maybe as a back splash for the different stylist stations?

healthy hair salon

Guests would be treated to fruit and herb flavored waters dispensed from these while they waited. Or maybe iced lemon and honey tea?

environmentally friendly hair salon

Add a few scented DIY beeswax candles to set the atmosphere…

organic hair salon

This would be CRAZY ambitious but having a sealed observation hive would be off the wall amazing. However, a more realistic idea would be to get honey from a local farm and make displays with information about the bees who make it.

bee themed hair salon

Hexagon mirrors like this could be sprinkled all over the walls (or stacked together to cover an entire wall) to create some amazing effects!

sustainable hair salon

Last but not least, guests would be treated to a stick of local honey on their way out the door.

That’s all I’ve got so far. :) I love this business idea because it seems like a practical way to blend honoring the environment with the lifestyle of the modern girl. The two usually clash which bothers me a lot.

*As I was writing this post I looked up the name and it turns out there are a lot of Honeycomb salons! As far as I can tell though none of them have gone with the whole organic/natural theme yet so it’s still up for grabs. :)

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, May 23, 2014
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