cropped top bikini styled

Oh, hey, look, summer is almost over. That must mean I finally worked up the courage to do a post in my bathing suit. Yikes!

alternative bikini

I’m posting about this because I usually have the hardest time finding a swimsuit and I greatly appreciate it when other bloggers post about swimsuits and what looks good on the average woman. I’m in love with Candace but my body looks nothing like hers, if you know what I mean. ;)

The suit I picked out this year is the small Beach Sexy Cropped Top (black/white stripe) from Victoria’s Secret and their medium Beach Sexy Ruched Hipkini (yellow). For sizing references I usually wear a 34D bra and size 2-4 in jeans.

VS bikini on real person

First, the crop top. I love this thing! I wear it go swimming, as a bra under outfits, as pajamas…it’s just the most comfortable piece of clothing ever. I was worried about nipping (my biggest pet peeve EVER) but thanks to light padding and the stripped pattern I’ve had 0 problems, even in cold water.

It’s also surprisingly supportive. When I go swimming I like to move so strappy bikinis I’ve tried in the past have been disastrous. This top lets me do whatever I want, look good, and keeps my D-cup ladies where they need to be.

bikini bottoms for big bottoms

I’m very, very, very picky about my swimsuit bottoms. First, it has to fit well. I don’t want to be pulling it up every two seconds or have it slip off when I dive in. I also don’t want it so tight that it makes my skin bulge. Second, I do not want my butt hanging out. For whatever reason, most bikini bottoms do not cover the top of my crack and while it’s kind of hilarious in the changing room it’s ridiculous in public. No thank you!

Happily, these bottoms have passed every test. I’ve worn them to a public pool, a creek, even two water parks and they’ve held up fabulously. The bright yellow color isn’t something I’d normally wear but I like how it makes any jewelry I wear really pop.

bikini you can swim in

The last thing I’ll say about this suit is I really appreciate the modesty factor. While I love itty bitty bikinis that rock every curve I don’t want to be wearing one when I hang out with my little cousins at a water park. This swimsuit is the perfect mixture of cute and playful which is exactly what I do want in that situation.

DIY swimsuit cover up

When I’m finished swimming or just want to run and grab a bite my cover-up is a skirt (c/o fine&feathered) and a black crop top (charlotte russe). Boom! I can go anywhere in this outfit.


Sometimes I go with just the crop top.

skirt swimsuit coverup

Or just the skirt.


Or the skirt and top without accessories. It’s kind of an alternative cover-up but I like how put together it looks compared to the usual gauzy or crocheted numbers floating around in stores. Plus, I love how I can wear it a bunch of different ways.

stylish swimsuit cover-ups

P.s. Do you like my beaded macrame bag? It’s my favorite thrift store find this summer. The best part is the delicious noise the handles make when they’re smacked together! I’m pretty sure anyone who knows me dreads seeing this bag. :D

swim suits for busty girls

Enjoy the rest of your summer!

***I have not received any compensation from Victoria’s Secret or any other company for the views expressed in this post.



  1. Rosie W, August 26, 2014 at 6:06 am:

    You look gorgeous, it’s such a quirky swim suit :)

  2. Mollie, August 26, 2014 at 7:20 pm:

    Thanks, Rosie! It’s one of my favorite suits.

  3. Tania // Run To Radiance, September 18, 2014 at 11:47 am:

    SO cute!! Love the cover up styling. You’ve got great style! :)

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