Calling all members of the Four Eyes Club! Meeting is now in session.

Prescription eye glasses are one of those “must-have” items that can be really expensive so I only buy a single pair at a time. This is annoying because eye glasses are such a big style accessory but they are also a medical item (which I need to wear every day) so I shy away from the brightly colored or daringly designed frames. If I only have one pair than it has to be neutral to compliment everything else in my closet. Let’s be honest, this makes the eyeglass wearing life kinda boring.

Embroidery thread wrapping is temporary, super cute, and let’s me dress up my glasses without ruining them. I like playing around with the color palette too so I can pick one out that pairs well with my mood, the season, or whatever else is twirling through my mind.

Much more affordable than buying several different frames but still pretty enough to satisfy my color hungry (and very impaired) eyes. :)

You Will Need:
Embroidery thread
Small crochet hook

Once you pick out your colors you can start wrapping the eye glasses. I didn’t want to tie any knots because I thought any bumps would irritate the skin behind my ears so to start mine I wrapped over the end of the floss to hold it in place.

To start a new color do the exact same thing but wrap over the tail of the last color too. This takes a bit of practice but you’ll get the hang of it! 

When you are getting close to the end go ahead and reach for that crochet hook. Wrap the thread several times (tightly) around the crochet hook and the glasses. Make sure the hook side is facing down.

Wrap the thread under the hook (so it can catch the thread) and pull it out.

Snip the thread with scissors and you are finished!

Four Eyes Club meeting is now adjourned. See you all next week? :)


  1. Mom, May 19, 2017 at 8:17 pm:

    Unfortunately, I am also a member of the Four Eyes Club. Sigh! Maybe you can do a post for people who don’t want to wear glasses to help them appreciate them more.

    • Mollie, May 20, 2017 at 3:22 pm:

      We are in the same club, Mom:)

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