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DIY non candy valentines for kids

Let’s cut to the chase. This valentine costs one whole dollar each so you should probably only give these out to like, your BEST friends. Everyone else can have the $0.25 piece of candy. :D

Now be aware these do involve origami which along with hair cutting is one of those skills I have never been able to master. Lucky for me these valentines are very simple to fold. After doing one or two even I had the system memorized and didn’t need to look at the instructions!

I think these would be received well in any setting because c’mon, what kid doesn’t love getting a free dollar bill? If you’re crafting for an older crowd then keep scrolling for the inappropriate adult version. ;)

You Will Need:
Dollar Bill
Washi Tape
Ultra fine Sharpie marker


Start with your dollar bill laying flat and face up.


Fold the bill in half and crease.


Open the bill up and lay it face down. Fold both side edges in to meet each other perfectly at the crease.


Now flip the folded dollar face up. Fold the two lower corners in towards the middle.


Fold the top half down.

DIY money valentines

Most complex step right here. You’re going to open the two upper and outer corners and then “smush” them down. Really hard to explain this so I recommend just going off the pictures.


 Fold the two top center corners down to complete your heart shape.

non candy valentines for kids DIY

Last step! Add a strip of washi tape to the back to keep the heart from unfolding.


That’s it! Enjoy passing out your sweet origami valentines.

DIY unusual valentines

Oh, and here is an adult version of this valentine! I crack myself up. :D

cute DIY valentines kids can make


  1. R Pro, January 31, 2018 at 12:35 pm:

    So easy…my grandkids are gonna love getting these in holiday cards!

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