painted fondant cookies

watercolor fondant cookies

Last fall the watercolor bug bit me hard and let me just say I have been aching for spring to roll around in order to try out a few watercolor projects for the blog. Not that watercolors can’t be used year round but their bright and delicate personality does seem naturally inclined toward this time of the year. Ahhh, Spring. :)

Back to earth, Mollie! Okay, Easter cookies, yes. Not only are these crazy impressive looking (you mean you painted these by hand???) but they are also ridiculously easy. Kids especially LOVE the painting part and are very proud to present them to the family at Easter lunch/dinner.

Maybe you’re hoping to impress your mother in law, maybe you want a fun spring activity for your babies, maybe you just enjoy painting, I don’t know. Either way water coloring Easter cookies makes for a delightful afternoon!

You Will Need:
White fondant
Corn starch or powdered sugar
Egg shaped sugar cookies (I used this fabulous recipe)
Egg shaped cookie cutter (or DIY your own from a smushed can)
Vanilla frosting
Gel food coloring
Food grade brushes

watercolor cookies

Begin by rolling out the fondant with a rolling pin like you would cookie dough. Thickness depend on how much you like or dislike the taste of fondant. Cut out egg shapes with your store bought or DIY cookie cutter.

Painted easter egg cookies

This is what the bottom of that can looks like in case you were confused. :)

pretty easter egg cookies

When you’ve finished cutting out your fondant eggs grab a cookie and add just a dab of frosting to the center.

easy easter egg cookies for kids

Use this “glue” to secure the fondant piece on top.

fondant easter cookies

ideas for fondant easter cookies

Continue this until all your cookies are topped with fondant. Aren’t they beautiful even without paint?

easter cookies kids can make

Once you’ve finished the cookies squeeze a TINY bit of gel food coloring onto a small plate or dish. It will seem like nothing but I promise you a little goes a very long way. Fill a shot glass or sauce cup with a tablespoon or so of vodka.

decorated easter cookies

Dip the brush in the vodka, then smear it around in the gel. Add vodka drop by drop until you reach the hue you want.

Are you curious why my recipe calls for vodka instead of water? Thankfully I did my research before attempting this project and found most fondant artists recommend vodka since it dries faster and won’t turn the fondant mushy.

painted easter cookies

easter egg cookies for kids

Now for the fun part! Paint stripes, stars, polka dots…it’s all up to you, Homemaker Goddess.

special easter cookies

decorated easter egg cookies

Have a fabulous Easter!


  1. Kelsey, March 30, 2015 at 7:42 pm:

    seriously love this. WAY better than dyeing hard boiled eggs… these I’ll actually eat :D

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