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With the election season over Thanksgiving can’t be far behind and this year it is our turn to host. I liked the idea of decorating with homemade tin can lanterns but I had a hard time thinking up a word to write on them. I definitely like the typical Thanksgiving-y words (thankful…blessings…etc) but I was in the mood for something fresh. That’s when this beautiful song which has been stuck in my head for weeks came to mind. Together.

What a comforting and important word given recent events! This election season was a rough one, huh? I don’t know if you are overjoyed or heart broken by the results but without a doubt “together” means more now than it ever has.

If you plan on making your own lanterns I recommend fixing up a big pot of chili before hand (my trick to collecting a bunch of cans at once). Afterwards invite republicans democrats people over and enjoy a cozy supper by the light of your homemade lanterns. Together.

You Will Need:
8 14 oz. tin cans
2 6 oz. tin cans

DIY Country Thanksgiving

WORDS: I started by “anchoring” my letter by poking holes at significant points on each letter. Use the ribs in the side of the can as as guide to ensure your letters are close to the same size and font.

Recycled Thanksgiving

Once you’re done anchoring go ahead and fill in the rest of the letter.

handmade thanksgiving

I did find it helpful to put a slightly smaller can inside when hammering holes because sometimes the tin bent under pressure instead of resisting enough for the nail to punch through.

As you can see, the can gets a little misshapen but I used the rubber handle of my hammer to gently push the dents out.

meaningful thanksgiving

HEARTS: Once again I started by making a few anchor points

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Sometimes it’s easier to do one half at a time

thanksgiving by hand

Then fill in the rest. Takes some time but it is simple.

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, November 11, 2016
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