DIy decorations for Thanksgiving

crafts with fall leaves

fall nature crafts

fall leaf banner with real leaves

It’s our turn to host Thanksgiving this year (woot woot!) so I’ve been working really hard to have the whole house decorated by the time everyone arrives. Notice I said working really hard to decorate and not working really hard to clean? Everyone knows decorating is the fun part. :D

We’re actually celebrating Thanksgiving a week early to accommodate everyone’s schedules and even though this is the first year we’ve tried this I am LOVING it. No crowded grocery stores, all family members will be there, the perfect time, etc. I mean, it is just great and we should have tried this years ago but anyways back to the good stuff…decorating!

Originally I was thinking some kind of feather banner would look amazing but then I forgot to buy feathers. As a last resort I tried scavenging around outside and while I didn’t find any feathers I did find lots and lots of leaves so hey, work with what you have, right? So in the end I found myself making this leaf banner instead but I’m quite happy with the results. I think it brings the most beautiful touch of November color inside and brightens the whole room! Oh, and it takes like 30 seconds to make.

You Will Need:
Fall leaves
Cream colored cotton yarn
Hole punch

organic fall crafts

Start by punching a hole near the stem of each leaf.

crafts with leaves

Now string yarn through leaves and keep adding leaves until you get the banner the right length.

nature crafts for fall

Hang your leaf banner wherever you like!

DIY thanksgiving decorations

sustainable fall decorations


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, November 21, 2016
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