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Leaf Confetti. How can you not love everything about that phrase! This is the cutest and simplest little fall project with a million different uses. Want to add flare to your Thanksgiving table? Or tuck a surprise inside a get-well-soon card to a friend? Or throw something other than flower petals down the aisle at your autumn wedding? Leaf confetti is in the house!

I’ve always had a thing for fall leaves. When I was a kid I made up a story that if the leaves were left on the trees year round they would turn even more rainbow colors like blue or purple or pink. However, the Wind Witch would get really jealous of how beautiful the fall trees looked so every year she blew all the leaves down before they could change any more. Makes me smile to think of it now… hopefully it gives you a smile too as you whip up your own batch of leaf confetti. :)

You Will Need: 
Various leaves of different colors
Paper heart punch

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Start by collecting leaves of different shades. I like picking leaves still in the process of changing colors so the confetti looks two tone! Use the stamp of your choice to cut out the confetti.

DIY nature confetti

I’m sure you’ll have all sorts of ideas for your leaf confetti but I thought floating them in water with a candle looked especially lovely.

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DIY biodegradable confetti

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, November 14, 2016
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