Surprise guest on the blog, guys! Ina from The Make Up Dummy is visiting today with a super cute and super glittery DIY. Ina is full of crazy creative ideas like Mermaid Bath Bomb Popsicles so I’m so thrilled to have her visiting my little slice of the internet. Take it away, girl! 

Hi lovely readers, I’m so happy to be passing by here on Molliepop!

Because I know you can handle a little color and whimsy, I decided to share a fun DIY tutorial on how to make your own Emoji inspired hair clips. This DIY can be made in under 10 minutes and is a great way to make a quirky fashion statement!


– Glimmer paper in different colors

– Pencil or pen

– Scissors

– Heavy duty glue

– Hair clips

First decide on your design. I chose a couple of popular emojis, like a unicorn, rainbow and pink poop emoji, and the classic smiling-face-with-heart-eyes emoji.

Little tip: don’t choose a design that has too much detail or is too complicated. That’s because A. it’s hard to cut out very small pieces out of glimmer paper (trust me, I’ve tried) and B. the beauty of these emoji hair pins is that you can recognize them in a glimpse. It makes them the perfect conversation starter!

To make these emoji hair pins I used some glimmer paper I found at Poundland (aka the UK version of the Dollar store) when I was in the UK. I believe it was 1 pound for a packet of 3 similar colors, so of course I had to get these in EVERY color! It’s a great supply to have, because it doesn’t take up much space in my craft collection and you never know when you might have a glimmer moment! Of course any sturdy crafting paper would work for this tutorial.

Turn your glimmer paper so the right side is facing down and the smooth paper edge is facing up. Draw the outer shape of whatever figure you want to create on the paper.

You can start drawing with a pencil if you’re unsure about your drawing skills. Once you’re happy with your design you can trace over the final result with a marker or pen.

I recommend starting at a corner or near the edge of the paper. This way you’re not wasting any of the glimmer paper and you can make many more designs in your future!

If you really don’t have confidence in your drawing skills, you can also print out an emoji or figure you like and trace the edges onto the glimmer paper.

For certain shapes I like to use tools from around the house as a guide. For the heart eyes emoji for example I used the opening of a small glass to draw a perfect circle.

Cut out the design you just drew with some scissors. That’s your basic shape done! Now it’s time to add some details. Make your design as sturdy as you can possibly make it. For the unicorn emoji for example I made sure the horn was already part of the initial shape. This way I just had to glue the gold horn on top of the white one.

I also added some pink details like his mane and mouth (I decided my uncicorn is a he, and I shall call him Edward McFluffington). As a final detail I added a tiny blue eye so he can stare right back at you.

For the rainbow emoji I used the same method. I cut out a hot pink bow first and then I made each color a little smaller. This way I could glue all of the layers on top of each other. Result: a pretty sturdy rainbow!

Next we’re going to transform our designs into a useful hair accessory. To do that you will need some plain hair clips. I got mine at Poundland as well (yes, they’ll remember me as the crazy tourist that bought EVERY craft supply in the store).

You will need some heavy duty glue to make sure the hair pin will stick to the paper and never come off ever again.

Turn your design over, right side facing down. Add a dollop of super glue either on the left or right side. Carefully place the hair pin in the dollop of glue and press down. This may seem obvious, but don’t touch the glue with your fingers! Or any body part for that matter. Rest assured it will stick in a matter of seconds!

Give the glue enough time to dry. Once the hair clip looks secure, it’s ready for use!

Which emoji is your favorite?

I know mine is the pink poop emoji, hee hee. Thanks again, Ina for this awesome tutorial! 



  1. Isadora Guidoni, October 16, 2017 at 6:43 am:

    Love these little arts and crafts! And these look so easy and fun to do, thanks for sharing it with us!

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