DIY doctor kit for kids



DIY education toys for kids

Oh man, out of all the homemade Christmas presents I made this year this was by far my favorite. I love love LOVE giving kids gifts that are educational or imagination stimulating and this toy is both! I also love toys that encourage nieces and aunties to spend time together and this was a total joy for me to give to and play with my little niece Livi. And while I’m sure everyone else would call this a doctor’s kit I’m a nurse so of course I told her it was a nurse kit. :D

On top of being an amazing learning tool and a great activity to share together this present also was sooooooo simple and cost me less than $10. The My First Body board book (how cute?!) was $4 and the stethoscope was $5 – I got both off Amazon. Everything else was already hanging out in my closet or medicine cabinet. Seriously, best present ever.

DIY toys under $10

You Will Need: 
Black Purse
Black Sharpie
Sheet of white craft foam
Red acrylic paint

DIY toys for kids

…fun stuff to pack inside! This will vary greatly depending on the age of the child but a few suggestions are:
Medicine cups
Ace bandage
Film canister “medicine”
Alcohol swabs
Bandage tape
Pen light
Syringes (remember, that’s the plastic part, not the needle)
Tongue depressors
Cotton balls

Livi is a few months shy of two so I made sure to either not include any mouth sized pieces or to super glue down anything that could even remotely become a choking hazard (like the “medicine” lid).

If your little one is older you could go with more of a theme such as animal doctor or a newborn baby doctor and include items relating to those fields. SO many fun directions you can go with this and it’s all super educational!

DIY homeschool toy

Start by tracing a circle on the craft foam. Size will decide how large or small the circle should be. Since the black purse I had on hand was small I only needed a little circle.

You can grab a cup to trace around, I used the top of my essential oil diffuser because I was too lazy to leave the room.

Homemade toys for kids

Cut our your beautiful white circle.

DIY education homemade toy for kids

Free hand your red cross design or grab something rectangular and trace one. I used a package of band-aids. :) I added on here and there until I liked the width and height of the cross.

Education toys you can make yourself

When you are satisfied begin painting in the cross with your red acrylic paint. I did two coats and used a hair dryer to speed up the drying time.

DIY doctor kit for kids

To make the red cross pop I outlined it with a black sharpie.

DIY learning toys for kids

You have a couple options when it comes to attaching the red cross to the bag. I used super glue but it also could look really cool to sew the patch on. Your choice!


education toys under $10

She was very interested in the band-aids…silly girl!

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