DIY holly berry hair wreath

how to make a winter hair wreath

DIY christmas hair wreath

DIY christmas hair wreath

how to make a christmas hair wreath

Let’s talk. For the past few summers gorgeous floral hair wreaths have been every where but poor winter has seen very few nature inspired hair decorations. That’s why this year I recommend welcoming Christmas in with open arms by making one of these beautiful holly leaf hair wreaths!

The deep green foliage and bright red berries looks striking on any hair color plus wearing one turns up your holiday spirit x5. ;)

Psst! My pretty sis Kellie deserves a huge shout out for doing the hair, make-up and modeling in these photos. She is getting ready to graduate in December with her cosmetology license (I’m so proud!) so if you love Kellie’s artistic efforts be sure to let her know in the comments. 

You Will Need:
Floral Wire
Floral tape
Wire cutters
Holly twigs with berries

how to make a winter hair wreath
Start by forming a circular shape with the floral wire. Don’t forget to test it on your head to ensure the sizing is right. Snip the wire and fold the end in make a smooth round wire frame for your hair wreath.

holiday hair wreath DIY

Take a holly twig and gently begin wrapping floral tape around the greenery and the wire frame. Go slowly and pull the tape tight as you go. Make sure the leaves and berries are facing out and up!

nature christmas hair wreath

DIY nature christmas presents

Continue this until the wreath is finished. I like to leave space in the back of the wreath so hair can be wrapped around it for a pretty up-do.

DIY christmas eve hair wreath

winter solstice hair wreath DIY

how to make a winter floral hair wreath

Merry Christmas!

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, November 30, 2016
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