decorating ideas with acorns

decorating with acorns

home decorating with acorns

Simple projects are my fave. With just a few handfuls of acorns you can make this darling heart design for your kitchen or dining room. I don’t what it is but about bringing the outdoors inside but somehow it instantly makes a house feel cozier!

The acorn hearts lasted about 2-3 days for me before the nuts quit sticking but my walls are textured so I’d be interested to hear how long the designs last on flat walls. Temporary art, yes, but still an adorable way to spice up a room for a fall get-together.

P.S. It IS still fall. Not winter or Christmas. Don’t believe everything you hear online. ;)

thanksgiving decorating ideas

You will need acorns and mounting putty. I wish my acorns kept their caps on but this late in the year the two had already separated. Maybe you will have better luck?

acorn ideas thanksgiving

Mold the putty and stick a pea size amount on each acorn.

DIY Thanksgiving

acorn Thanksgiving decorations

DIY decorations halloween

Press the acorns onto the wall and start designing! I just eyeballed my hearts but you could use a pencil to lightly mark the outline if you wanted.

At first I was nervous about the putty damaging the wall but thankfully it didn’t bother the paint. Which is good because Andrew would not have been happy otherwise. Better to beg forgiveness than ask permission, right? :D

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