craft room decor

decorating a craft room

Today I’m thrilled to be showing you around my craft room or what I like to call “my office”. Please be warned that I will be mixing together clean, styled photos of the space along with totally trashed, I-just-made-a-blog-post-photos. (I can’t have you guys thinking I’m an organized person, now can I?)

This is my favorite spot in the whole house and not surprisingly the part I feel most relaxed in. I hope you love it as much I as I do!

creative sewing room

First off, let me introduce you to the crown jewel: a genuine vintage Singer sewing machine. It’s electric, belonged to my great grandmother and best of all still works. I looked up the serial number and it’s a model that was manufactured in the early 50’s…amazing right?


As you can see, the machine is part of a sewing cabinet which I’d like to paint one day but I’m still deciding on a color. (Any suggestions?) For now I’ve just added pink washi tape to the handles as a fun touch.

grandmothers sewing machine
The drawers are still full of my grandmother’s sewing things which are very precious to me. She passed away when I was 13-14 but I have absolutely wonderful memories of gathering with family at her house in the summer. The sewing machine came this year as an unexpected gift but it’s something I will treasure forever.

adorable craft rooms

My “sewing chair” is an inexpensive Ikea chair but it does a lovely job doubling as a necklace holder. It’s quite the handy set-up because I can put together an outfit in my bedroom and then on the way to door add on the jewelery.

alternative necklace holder

Plus, necklaces are too pretty to be kept in a box. :)

decorating a craft room

Above the sewing machine you may have noticed a white board. It’s perfect for writing down ideas or drawing out things to explain to someone else. It’s also magnetic so I’ll pin my especially favorite stuff on it like…

cute craft rooms

…this Glamour photo shoot with Candice Swanpoel. I love this for 3 reasons. 1). That black on turquoise just kills my brain. 2). Even though she is an extremely high-end model in a crazy big magazine the stylist gave her floral hoop earrings off Etsy…go handmade! 3). The beanie she’s wearing actually belonged to the photographer. Amazing:)

bulletin board mood board

Moving to the adjoining wall you’ll find two mood boards. Photos, ads, drawings, song lyrics…anything that I find beautiful or inspiring lives here. It’s only two bulletin boards with papers pinned everywhere but just looking at them is incredibly soothing to me. I like messy things!

artsy craft room

Last but not least is the craft table. It’s actually a white coffee table (Ikea) but I prefer working on surfaces that are a little lower to the ground…not sure why. Here are the 3 most interesting things on it:

cute craft table

1). A book press made especially for me by Bob. I’m using it to make copies of The Story Tree and so far it’s been working great. Since it’s so big I can do 2-3 at once which saves a lot of time.

2). I keep some of my most used wind-y stuff on this pretty blue plate. It originally belonged to my Grandma but while house sitting for her once I accidentally microwaved it. Well, I microwaved it on purpose but I didn’t realize it would leave a crack! Long story short we ended up buying her a new plate and this one now graces my craft table. Whoops…

3). When we lived in Philadelphia I got sick one day and Bob picked this up for me on his way home from work. Definitely made my day. :)

lifestyle blogger craft room

There you have it! If you have pictures/blog posts about your own craft room please link to them below. I’d love to see it. :)


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, August 20, 2014
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