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Fast fashion. Have you heard the phrase before? It refers to the current trend in the fashion industry where clothing is made rapidly and cheaply, worn only a few times by the buyer, then tossed in a landfill. This process repeats itself again and again. (A fancier phrase for this is planned obsolescence.)

As someone who loves style AND sustainability fast fashion seriously irks me. I wouldn’t describe myself as a tree hugger but I’m 100% a ME hugger and if this planet is the only planet capable of keeping me alive you better believe I want to take care of it. :)

Hmm…so there’s a problem. What to do about it?

THredUP customer review

ThredUP online shopping review

I’ve done a lot of researching on this issue and even brainstormed a few business solutions of my own but something I’ve tried recently that has blown me away is ThredUP.

thredup clothing review

Basic Concept: Curated online consignment store.
What makes it awesome: MASSIVE selection, high quality brands at drastic (like 75%) discounts, professional photos of clothing, and a solid website. I checked out their return policy right away because seriously, sizing varies soooo wildly but they offer free shipping (on purchases $80+) and free returns if you choose store credit.

ThredUP recycled clothes

Here’s my history with them so far:
 Ordered 7 skirts and dresses
Kept this amazing LBD (originally retailed for $130, I got it for $30!)
Returned everything else for store credit

ThredUP review green fashion

Used my store credit to order 9 tops and skirts
Kept this adorable top and wool skirt (together originally retailed for $120, I got them for $25.21!)
Currently in the process of returning the rest for store credit

I had no idea how much I would enjoy trying on new clothes in my own closet! I can instantly see how that shirt looks paired with my favorite skinny jeans or how that dress will look with my gladiator sandals. Dressing room lighting is notoriously awful so being able to check a new outfit out in natural light in my own bedroom is amazing.

ThredUP alternative to mall fashion

THredup recycled clothing

I’ve been working on building my own capsule wardrobe (loved the idea the second I heard of it!) and my usual practice of hitting up IRL consignment and thrift shops has not been cutting it. The majority of clothes I’ve been finding are cheaply made, too trendy, and the selection isn’t really my style. The mall generally has clothing that is more durable and more to my tastes but the prices are sky high and there’s that big issue of sustainability. ThredUP has been a total delight – it really feels like the best of both worlds.

P.s. I didn’t get paid to write a word of this. I have genuinely been crazy impressed by this company.:) Btw it sounds like OhDearDrea digs them too and she even offers a 40% off code!

*OTHER LINKS you might care about*
Poshmark: Non-curated online consignment shop but you can haggle prices.
The RealReal: Super high end designer consignment (like they-offer-financing-high-end).




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, June 14, 2016
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