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I know people usually do “Haul” posts about make-up or clothes and I’ll be the first to say that I love reading those posts. Living vicariously through someone else and watching shiny bottles or pretty clothes pulled out of a shopping bag is oddly satisfying but….my personal indulgence is books. Glorious, glorious books.

I feel guilty for buying too many, stalk out the best deals, know my librarians by their first names and like to debate the delightful choice of Barnes and Noble, Borders, or B.A.M. Clothes and make-up are great but on this blog there be BOOK hauls!

super cute chibis book review



Super Cute Chibis To Draw And Paint
by Joanne Zhou

The first time I opened this book I knew I had to get it – everything was SO cute.

I love love love the way the author includes complete color palettes for each character. I’m horrible at shading/rim lighting/highlighting so being able to instantly see every color used is a big help. The chibis are also drawn in a variety of different styles which is good for beginners like me because I can start with simpler styles and work my way up. I’ve tried drawing a few so far and they all look 100% awful but I blame myself for that not the book.;)

I’m trying to learn how because I want to decorate notebooks and make comic strips using adorable little chibis. Oooh, it’s going to be so cute!

There’s also a second book called More Super Cute Chibis To Draw And Paint which looks equally good but I’m trying to work my way through this one before buying it. Remember that “feeling guilty for buying too many books” thing I was talking about?

Danina, girl who loved the wind

Jane Yolen author

The Girl Who Loved The Wind
by Jane Yolen pictures by Ed Young

Okay, wow, where to even begin? I came upon this gem years ago while wading through a musty book of fairy tales. I was totally enchanted by The Girl Who Loved The Wind and to this day I love going back to that library and reading the “original” regardless of the fact that I now own my own copy. It’s a stunning fairy tale that will NEVER get old to me.

While I can’t promise that you’ll be beguiled the way I was I can promise that this book will make you think. Also, really pretty pictures! Please, just please, go read it.

books for fashion bloggers



Style Yourself foreword by Jane Aldridge

I stumbled across Style Yourself in BAM recently and was delighted to see a few bloggers featured that I follow. It’s a super fun read and very inspiring if you’re in fashion rut. (Think lots of pretty layouts and creative layering ideas.) I also got the added bonus of discovering cool new bloggers I had never heard of before!

 If it looks like a book you’d be interested in I’d recommend buying it through Amazon. I discovered it in BAM but I found it online for almost $10 less. Score!

Reading Of Mice and Men

Yes, I know, this one is random but I’ve been meaning to read it for ages. I don’t always agree with the authors of the Classics but I still believe the books themselves are important and it’s good to be exposed to different points of view. Plus, books from the library are free and libraries are stuffed with Classics.

I’ve only read the first chapter but so far my main impression has been to feel sorry for any mice belonging to Lennie. ;)

Jasmine star review exposed

jasmine star photographer publication


by Jasmine Star

In case you haven’t heard of Jasmine Star let me introduce to the photographic love of your life. She is unbelievably talented, fun, loves teaching new photographers, and killing it at the social media game. Exposed is her magazine/book telling the story of how she quit law school to pursue wedding photography and develop her own business. Crazy inspiring, right?

The wedding photography industry is heavily dominated by men so I love seeing a woman “rising in the ranks” and succeeding! J* unabashedly approaches the industry with feminine wisdom and wields it like a magic wand over her career. I’m not kidding! For example…

She recommends doing business relationally and suggests approaching future clients or business peers as friends instead of stepping stones to achieve your own goals.That might sound cheesy but personally I’ve had couples tell me they picked my photography services over someone else’s because I asked how they got together or in some other way showed personal interest in them. Makes sense to me!

If you’re looking for technical photography tips I’d go elsewhere but if you’d like insight into the photography industry this is pure gold!


What have you been reading lately???

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