couples shoot in loose park kansas city

I haven’t been shooting a lot this summer due to my own lack of time management but happily I did get to do a lovey dovey shoot for this adorable couple! I chose Loose Park in Kansas City as the location and we shot right around sunset. #goldenhourgirl

couples photo shoot willow tree

engagement shoot in loose park Kansas city

I was VERY excited when Sydney walked up in this red dress. It’s so eye catching and love the way it looks against all the green foliage in the park. (I feel like if I had red hair I would never think to wear red.)

romantic photo shoot under willow tree

As you can tell I have no self control when it comes to lens flares. I should probably be a little more disciplined when it comes to implementing them but I just love how warm and dreamy it makes a photo look.

I don’t think I’m the only one either because I’ve been re-watching the Pirates of the Caribbean series lately and keep noticing how often the films use lens flares too. Which is interesting because it kinda reminds the viewer “Hey! There is a camera between you and this scene!” but it adds so much.


romantic photo shoot loose park

kansas city couples engagement shoot


Isn’t it super cute how much tanner Blake is than her?

romantic photo shoot kansas city



When I saw the way the light was catching all these willow tree leaves I knew I wanted to utilize them in a shot somehow. This was one of my favorites. :)


Thanks for hanging out with me you two!

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, September 4, 2016
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