Hey you! I’m Mollie. I’m a 20-something free spirit hanging out in Kansas City with my camera and a tiny DIY home studio. Occasionally you can find me working as a nurse at the local hospital but most days you’ll find me here, happily sharing my attempts at living the sweet life.

What is the sweet life you ask? I think it is a wildly creative one full of kindness to the body, kindness to the planet, and kindness to others. Oh, and lots of color. :D

This is Andrew. While I have ideas he has coding skills and keeps this website up and running. I didn’t realize it when I married him but besides for being a kick ass guy he also happens to be a kick ass web developer. We’re total opposites and it’s perfect.

If you are into homemade make-up, healthy prank breakfasts, or colorful leaf confetti then you’ve come to the right place! I hope you find something cool that encourages you to be awesome to yourself and to the world around you. Thanks for hanging out with me for a bit. :)



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