Fun way to wear a scarf

I got hooked on scarves the year after I graduated and I’ve been a religious advocate ever since. Pop one on and an outfit instantly changes from “I don’t care” to “Yes, I do!”.

Discovering new ways to wear one is always fun but usually all I can find is different ways to knot them around your neck. While that looks great sometimes I want something more interesting so today all these style are neck free. Don’t worry, they aren’t cuteness-free too!

 I used only a square scarf this time (wow, I literally just typed “squarf” and then deleted it) but if I get inspired later I’ll try more looks with infinity and long scarves!

Shall we…?

#1). The Peasant

how to wear a square scarf

Simple, girly, cute.This is a great way to dress up a plain tank top and gives you instant peek-a-boo shoulders. Love it!

#2). The Kerchief

funky ways to wear a scarf

A little bit less girly but still pretty and it’s appropriate for work or play. Bonus: Acts as a minimizer!

#3). The Garter

unique ways to wear a scarf

I first saw this look on Kandee Johnson when she used it to hide an ugly scar on her leg but I think it’s pretty enough to use for cosmetic or decorative purposes. I might even try this out on my patients at work. All my elderly ladies would love it!

#4). The Gypsy

cute ways to wear a scarf

Or should I say the “Hipsy“? :D

I like this look with high waisted shorts but try it out with a skirt or dress. Good things could happen!

#5). The Extender

ways to wear a kerchief

 Don’t get me wrong, I love half shirts as much as the next life style blogger but sometimes I just ate a whole bag of Red Vines and would rather not show my tummy. If you can relate, just fold the scarf in half, wrap it around your waist, cover the seam with a belt and off you go!

*The inspiration for this post came from Lauren Friedman’s book 50 Ways to Wear a Scarf. Check it out on Amazon for super cute drawings and more clever ways to brighten up your outfit!


  1. LesliMarie, March 10, 2014 at 1:41 pm:

    Wow I would have never thought of any of theses. Your so creative! I like the last one best.


    • Mollie, March 10, 2014 at 4:08 pm:

      Thanks, Lesli! I wear scarves allllll the time so the usual ways don’t always do it for me. I think #2 is my favorite.

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