Hi! I’m Mollie. After 10 years in healthcare, I am transitioning into the world of designing user experiences. Why the career change?

Being a nurse is like doing 12-hour user interviews every day but having zero power to change the situation for the user. You can’t afford your medication? You need more than 15 minutes to discuss your care with your doctor? You don’t understand our wildly complex healthcare system? (Oh, and did I mention there is a 17-year gap between medical research being published and that knowledge actually being applied?)

Then one day I stumbled upon the phrase “human-centered design“. I began a deep dive into UX and was shocked to see the word “empathy” pop up more online than in my medical textbooks. I was amazed to see research application demanded at every stage with the ability to conduct your own studies. Not only were users needs deeply assessed and met but designers were even encouraged to delight their clients! I was hooked.

Since then I’ve spent months working through Pluralsight tutorials, conducting user research, making wireframes in Sketch, attending tech meet-ups, learning HTML + CSS, and digging into every project I could get my hands on. In February I officially left nursing in order to focus on my UX education full-time.